Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wall Street Doesn't Get It: Ebay Isn't Amazon

wall street bull
Would you trust the opinion of Wall Street for one second with your business? You can turn the caps lock off with that resounding "NOOO!!!" Running a business and inflating stock prices are two entirely different things, and that's why Ebay shouldn't listen to Wall Street.

RBC Capital Markets has stated they would like Ebay to be more like Amazon, and offer order fulfillment services. This means you, the seller, wouldn't have your inventory. You would be shipping it off to Ebay, and they'd have to handle the fulfillment. Imagine Ebay employees with your feedback in their hands? It's really laughable. No one cares about your business more than you, and that's what sets Ebay apart from Amazon in the first place. Otherwise, sellers would already be selling on Amazon using their order fulfillment service. Any Ebay seller can tell you this would be the worst thing to ever happen to the online auction site ever.

AuctionBytes points out that when your goods are in your hands, you won't have to worry about shrinkage or improperly shipped items. Whether this statement will hold any water with how Ebay runs itself, only time will tell.

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