Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Make More Money on Ebay with the Buy it Now Format

The buy it now format on Ebay is now a staple and standby for the auction format, giving a great supplement to the bidding that's going on. It's instant gratification for those buyers that don't want to wait around for a deal. And who can blame them? We all have things to do and can't wait around for the auction to end.

Used correctly, the buy it now format will yield excellent results in increasing sales for your Ebay store. The entire Ebay store format is completely buy it now, and that's where your potential for big earnings can be.

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Think of the auction format as an advertisement for your buy it now store inventory items. Placing some of your best items up front on auction can attract traffic, if priced correctly, and lead to some instant purchases and click throughs to your store.

Ways to start utilizing buy it now:

1. Offer an item that compliments the item that you are selling in the auction, and link to it from the auction item. Linking to items with multiple quantities can save time.

2. Offer the same item that's on auction with free shipping in your store. Link directly to that item.

3. Use buy it now as a way to give a perceived value of the item. Place the starting bid well below the buy it now price.

4. List multiple quantity items at the same time using the fixed price format.

5. Play off the immediate needs of the buyer and let them know that they can purchase the same item right now without waiting.

You'll want to experiment with the format until you see the best results. Change the price, start fixed price format listings at different times of the day, use different durations, and most of all, be persistent!

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