Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creating an Interesting Title for Your Ebay Auctions

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Keywords. Those are what matter when creating your keyword title, but have you ever given much thought to the sequence of those words? I recently listed a couple of bottles of cologne on Ebay and noticed my own title read a little funny. It was like I plopped a bunch of keywords randomly into the title. If I were reading the title, it would have made no sense whatsoever. For search engines, and the Ebay search, it may not matter, but to the human being, it matters.

Here's the mistake I made. I had a bottle of used Chrome Legend by cologne spray by Azzarro. I listed the title as "CHROME LEGEND Azzaro Cologne Mens Spray 4.2 oz Bottle." An awful sequence, and it reads poorly. What I should have done was put the words in an order that's easy to read, like "Chrome Legend by Azzarro Mens 4.2 oz Cologne Spray." That's more like it. And how about the capitlization of the "CHROME LEGEND," is that annoying, or effective? While it may stand out, it really depends on what everyone else is doing, which is why it's always a good idea to check the current and completed listings to see what you're up against. If everyone else is using lowercase, uppercase might grab their attention. All uppercase, well, you use lowercase.

Some other words I could have used were "Eau De Toilette," but I thought customers might not be searching using those words. When I search for cologne, I never search for "Eau De Toilette," I search for "cologne," and the brand name. To me, "mens" and "spray" were better words that were searched more often. Then again, "Eau De Toilette" might just be more targeted than "mens spray." In other words, the people looking for "Eau De Toilette" know exactly what they're looking for.

Remember, too, that your keyword title will not only show up on Ebay, but off of Ebay as well. That's why it's important to try to limit the amount of acronyms that you use like "NWT" and "NIB." Buyers outside of Ebay will have no idea what those are. Assume all buyers are first time buyers.

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