Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Search Engine Optimization for Ebay Store and Auctions

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If you're familiar at all with search engine optimization, you'll probably know that it takes a great deal of work, but can be highly worth the effort for your Ebay business. You'll also need to highly focus your search marketing to make it effective, and you might even need to base some of your inventory around how you're ranking.

So why should you care about search engine optimization for your Ebay store? The Ebay search engine is only one small fragment of the possible business you could be receiving. This outside traffic can give you greater exposure, and can grow your business over time.

You can also not only optimize your store and custom pages, but your auctions as well for search engines. Repeating keywords throughout the text (at around 1-3 out of 100 words keyword density) throughout the body of the auction will help with indexing. Here's a good guide to optimizing your auctions to learn some other tips. You can also calculate your keyword density using this free tool.

How Shoppers Use Search Engines

Many online shoppers rely on Yahoo and Google searches to find those rare items. As a customers searches for that odd item, there's a good chance, with the right search marketing, that your store or optimized page could pop up on the first page (the best page to be on) of Google results.

So how do you got about optimizing your store for search engines? It will require a few things:

1. Keyword research for the best words to use (the most searched with the least competition).
2. Customized landing pages optimized for certain items.
3. Linking outside of Ebay via blogs, forums, websites, and anywhere else you can gain a relevant link without spamming.

There's a lot more to search engine optimization than just these three rules, but this is the core of what you would be doing. The best strategy is to slowly increase links over time naturally. Map out your long term and short term plans, and start building!

With the ever increasing changes to Ebay stores, it's important that you utilize outside searches more and more and rely less on Ebay's advertising. The decreasing prominence of Ebay store items in searches is one huge reason you should consider this. It's also free to start your SEO campaign, unless you hire a professional (which can also yield excellent results.)

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