Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Basics: Setting Up Your Ebay Account

We've come full circle on this blog, and we've talked about some in detail methods to increase your sales on Ebay. Now, on this post, we're going to point you in the direction, should you need it, on how to set up your Ebay account. It couldn't be easier, and if you're on the fence about joining Ebay, here are ten advantages to maybe make you reconsider your decision:

1. You can get rid of stuff in your house that's just collecting dust. Yes, we all know that Ebay can get help you unload some stuff, but how good would it feel to really make some room in your garage, barn or cellar, or your attic, bedrooms, storage units, or anywhere else stuff is bogging you down?

2. Get some extra cash. Everyone could use a little extra money nowadays, and people are looking to pay for used things today to save money. It's a win win situation for both buyers and sellers.

3. It's another thing you'll know how to do. If you learn how to sell on Ebay, you can help other people sell their stuff, and potentially get a commission. Ebay trading partners are local people that sell stuff on Ebay for you, and they set their own commission rates. Nice part time job from home!

4. It doesn't cost anything. It's free to join Ebay, and you're responsbile for finding the best deals you can possibly find.

5. Cut down on your bills with Ebay. Can it be done? In some ways, yes, Ebay can help cut back on your bills by lowering the amount you pay for certain items. Items like, for instance, water filters or razor blades can be bought in bulk at a far cheaper rate than in the store and even on Amazon sometimes. Shop around and see what price is the best.

6. It makes Christmas easier when you're looking for a sold out gift. Sometimes you'll pay a little bit more, but you'll no longer be hunting around and wasting gas searching all day and night for that certain gift.

7. Ebay has now set up a rewards program for select buyers. In BETA mode, Ebay buyers can now earn points on transactions so they can accrue bucks towards their next purchase. While this isn't available for everyone yet, it probably will be soon.

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