Monday, February 1, 2010

Advertise Your Ebay Sales

You can further advertise your sale through the ebay store listing frame. This is found in also under the "manage my store" icon, then under "marketing tools." Click "listing frame" and check the box next to "link to items on sale." This will include a small band in all of your listings with links to your items on sale, creating a buzz and some traffic to your sale items. You might be thinking, "why would I want to promote my sale items, I want to promote my full-price items first!" While that may seem obvious, it's actually important to keep your customers interested in your listings and store for a long period of time with your content and items. A quick click of a non-sale item by a customer may quickly lead to them clicking the back button...but wait! There's some sale items that might be similar to this item in this ebay seller's store, I'll click the link to find out what...boom! They're brought into your store, browsing your sale items. This increases traffic to your listings, and therefore, your sales! So by enabling the listing frame and the sale link, you've increased traffic.

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